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Dove Siamo / Where We Are

Piscina Hotel Metropole Monaco
External Railing



CST company offers many different services, varying from the design to the production and the installation of any specific request of our customers.


The company is divided into different departments:



This department aims at designing and realizing any request of our customers, providing products of any dimensions. If it is requested, it can also provide structural calculations.



We provide a wide range of metal sheets made of different materials, for example stainless steel, aluminium and iron, and in different formats, for example 3m x 1,5m, 6m x 1,5m, 4m x 2m. Moreover, we deal with the processing of the material, including cutting, folding, calendering, Laser cutting and Plasma cutting.



We use five welding plants, including filler metal welding and TIG welding with stainless steel, aluminium and iron. We also deal with welding for heavy construction.



In this department we use different machines: three vertical milling machines, a parallel lathe and a CNC lathe. We can realise small and big objects with centesimal precision.



The company has its own team of assemblers with crane trucks, who are also available to work abroad.



The company has its own means of transport and lifting even of large size and weight. 




Iron Frame



CST propose various solutions of locks, interiors/exteriors doors, garage doors and fire resistant doors.